When it comes to building a house or an apartment that is fully reformed in Richmond, VA, many of us choose to entrust the project to corporations which will take over the entire process. If you like to focus your energies on the most important points and delegate the majority of the choices and style,fixandpaint.net is the best option. We had construction professionals with technical and legal experience to develop the project work for you; our design professionals take care of interior decoration and exterior landscaping.

Who are we?

We are corporations that offer full-service residential construction, i.e. we take control of the whole method of building and mix the simplest of painting design for your home. Once it comes to housing projects, our corporation provides solutions starting from architects to builders, painters, through interior designers and contractors.

The goal of our organization is to produce the simplest attainable service to our customers by bringing along modern painting designs related to the development processes. Having a multidisciplinary team, we get to hold out the entire method quicker and additional expeditiously. Additionally, if the painter detects a necessary amendment when the home is already under construction, we simply inform the technical architect team which takes this into consideration throughout the building or renovation.

Choosing the Proper PAINT

The variety of color you will use depends on the type of end you wish. Interior paint is specially developed to provide:

  • Scrub ability and stain resistance
  • sensible concealing ability
  • good coverage
  • Spatter Resistance
  • simple touch-up


  1. Latex or Oil – Interior house paints are either latex- or oil/alkyd-based. Nowadays, most oil-based paints are created with artificial resins (alkyds) that perform higher than paints based on natural oils. Each has different characteristics and uses.
  2. Latex – Get the longest-lasting end with the most effective gloss retention. Latex paints are simple to work with, dry quickly and are extraordinarily durable. Latex paints finish off easily with soap and water.
  3. Oil/alkyd resin – good adhesion, wonderful sturdiness and stain resistance create oil/alkyd-based paints excellent selections for trim in high-traffic rooms, like kitchens and bathrooms. Clean paint tools with mineral spirits.

You can count on fixandpaint.net for any paint job inside or outside; we have qualified and experienced professionals able to develop the most innovative decorative techniques in painting indoors or outdoors: Plastic paint, enamel, semi-lacquered, lacquer, Venetian, mopped, Florentines Lands, etc.

We use top quality products to ensure both the result of our work as preserving the environment.

We carry out any painting type:

Decorative painting: lacquered interior, decorative glazes, crackle, imitations (marble painting, wood, block, and earth), papers, tinted, aged wood.

Interior Painting: smooth, reliefs, decorative paints, rustic textures

Exterior paint: coatings and flat paints and much more.

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