Exterior painting can be difficult to pull off if you don’t have the necessary experience, skills and equipment to do so; that is why many people choose to find an exterior house painting service Richmond VA. When you choose a company to handle your exterior home painting Richmond VA, you are making the right decision–it’s better to leave it in the hands of professionals! Fix and Paint is a high quality, experienced company in Richmond that offers many types of home services, including exterior painting services.

Types of Exterior Painting Services

There are several kinds of exterior painting services that you might want to hire for your home. The most common types of exterior painting services including painting your house’s exterior sliding, painting porches and decks, painting exterior trim, as well as adding finishes and rejuvenating exterior paint services.

The Carpentry & Painting Experts, can paint any exterior area or addition to your home, or add unique finishes that give your decks and porches a great look. If you don’t want the exterior fully repainted, rejuvenation services—professionally power washing your home’s exterior—can remove years of dirt and debris and make your exterior paint look like new.


Professional Exterior Painting 

When  time comes to choose exterior home painting Richmond VA, you want to choose a company with professional services, professional employees, as well as knowledge and experience.The Carpentry & Painting Experts has all that and more, and is the perfect option for any exterior house painting service Richmond VA.